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  1. Apple Intelligence enhances macOS apps built with native technologies like SwiftUI, while Electron apps, which are essentially web apps, will miss out on these improvements.

  2. In this article I compare Apple Intelligence to Notion AI. I explain how Apple Intelligence is different from others like ChatGPT, and attempt to highlight how it faces similar, but reduced privacy risks.

  3. What does the DMA mean for Europe and companies operating within it? In this article I look at the legislative differences between the US and EU and what this means for Apple Intelligence and the European market.

  4. WWDC 2024 invites hint at a focus on gaming, I think. The German version suggests games and movies specifically.

  5. I tried putting into words some of my concerns about AI in programming and thinking. I fear that using AI to generate code potentially pushes knowledgable engineers out of the field, causes security issues, and makes maintenance harder.

  6. A conversation about the weather—with Siri.

  7. John Gruber wrote a piece about EU regulation and Spotify dripping with grumpy sarcasm. I asked AI to describe his behavior and word choices in some recent articles and it told me he was biased and had a protectionist attitude.

  8. Google's new "AI Overview" feature in search results once more highlights the limitations of LLMs. I think Apple, on the other hand, integrates AI and ML subtly and effectively, enhancing functionality without the risks of generative AI.

  9. I believe the thesis that people won’t upgrade as often because Apple's M-Series Macs are too good is flawed. It contains unfounded assumptions and overlooks how technology sometimes progresses.

  10. In a video, Quinn Nelson demos the virtual shadow of the Apple Pencil Pro.

  11. I regret not writing down more thoughts outside platforms like Twitter in the past decade — despite my embarrassing early blogging days before making an account there.

  12. Some “social” platforms block links to maximize profit. This practice promotes the spread of stolen content, but you can fight it.

  13. You can’t save time for later and you only get 24 hours a day. Here is how I changed my life to adapt it to this fundamental truth.

  14. The iPhone, in my opinion, is the best smartphone available. While I have reservations about the camera mountain, I still prefer it over any Android phone.

  15. This is an open letter to the Messages team at Apple. I argue that iMessage's closed nature and the, according to rumors, standalone RCS app harms iMessage’s popularity in Europe.

  16. Tim Cook believes that the Mac's recent sales slump could improve with the introduction of the M3 chip. I think he’s wrong and suspect that declining software quality from Apple is hurting Mac sales.

  17. The iPhone 15 announcement left me feeling disappointed, so I spent some time to ask myself what would have excited me. Colorful designs, like the iPhone 5C, and a different camera are my main wishes for a new iPhone.

  18. AI companies like OpenAI, Meta, and Alphabet use data available online to train their AI/LLM models without compensation or permission. In this post I propose using `.htaccess` to lock them out.

  19. After Twitter

    My transition from Twitter to Mastodon changed how I use Social Media. I suspect that many may opt to leave social media altogether, recognizing its potential harm.

  20. Hey Siri → Hey GPT

    Make Siri useful by replacing it with OpenAI's GPT. Follow the steps to set it up and start using ChatGPT through Siri on your iPhone.

  21. Podcasts on Apple Podcasts are interrupted by ads in foreign languages. This is annoying, and Apple should just use my language preferences from my Apple ID or device settings.

  22. Twitter needs money

    Twitter's recent changes may worsen the platform for both paying and non-paying users. The move, presented as intended to combat AI spam, is likely a strategy to boost Twitter Blue subscriptions.

  23. The Copilot expansion into Office 365 highlights the competitive advantage AI tools can provide. Apple's impressive on-device processing power suggests it might introduce offline AI soon.

  24. Subscribing to Apple TV+ via the macOS TV App unexpectedly resulted in a subscription to AppleOne instead. This confused me until I realized Apple had selected the cheaper option without asking.

  25. Verschlimmbesserung

    "Verschlimmbesserung" describes an attempted improvement that ends up making things worse. In German, the Word emphasizes the positive intention unlike its English counterpart "disimprovement".

  26. Musk’s cost-cutting measures at Twitter resulted in brain-drain and a loss of access to Slack. This caused disruptions in the company’s knowledge on work processes.

  27. The ROI of Social Media

    When we use social media, we invest time, mental energy, and idle brain time, but the returns on this investment vary. How can we optimize our time spent for the return we want?

  28. Twitter: A Snapshot

    Old newspapers or computers can provide insights into the past. Digitally ephemeral platforms like Twitter may deprive future generations of this experience.

  29. The rumor mill is running hot about Apple's potential AR/VR headset. The success would hinge on its usefulness and engaging developers to adopt it.

  30. In anticipation of new EU regulation, Mozilla is working on bringing Firefox to iOS using its own rendering engine. Google's Chromium team is also working on a new iOS browser based on Blink.

  31. Google searches used to yield clear and useful results, but content farms have cluttered search results with spam. Products like ChatGPT could put Google and SEO-gurus out of business.

  32. Twitter quietly discontinued third-party APIs, breaking paid third party apps. The controversy within the community highlighted the platform's struggle to adapt and innovate.

  33. Apple Music introduced "Replay 2022," akin to Spotify Wrapped. I was surprised how well it highlighted music I like, but Apple's oversights in UX testing made it a nightmare to use.